3V - Shop Online without a Credit Card

3V deliver prepaid, short-term disposable Visa numbers for safe and easy online shopping.

Important Information

3V Vouchers are no longer available for sale since June 2016, and the 3V Voucher product program is ending.

  1. 3V Vouchers purchased and not yet activated will have expired. 3V Vouchers were valid for two months following purchase per the Validity Period stated on your 3V Voucher.
  2. Existing 3V Prepaid Visa numbers will expire two months after the last day of the month in which the 3V Voucher was activated.
  3. The Online account option will be removed on 1st December 2016.
  4. Customers with remaining balances on any of their 3V Prepaid Visa numbers should request a refund free of charge to their bank account as soon as possible.

Customers, who have purchased a 3V Voucher product in the past and have registered for an online account, please open the document below for further important information.

3V Product Discontinuance FAQ

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Welcome to 3V - The Simple and Safe Way to Pay Online

3V deliver prepaid, short-term disposable Visa numbers for safe and easy online shopping

Spend Cash Online with 3V Vouchers

With 3V Vouchers you can shop online anywhere online where VISA is accepted. It's the same as using a debit or credit card, except with 3V you can keep your personal financial information safe.

All you need to do is get a 3V Voucher at any Payzone outlet just like a mobile top up. Then enter the Voucher activation code in the box to the right to view your unique 3V Prepaid Visa Number and you're ready to shop.

3V Vouchers come in values from €30 to €350.


To view your 3V Visa Number enter
your 19-digit Activation Code below

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How To Use 3V With PayPal
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